Monday, July 20, 2009

Blackhurst Family Reunion 2009

Blackhurst Family Reunion 2009.......McCall, Idaho.
This past weekend the entire Blackhurst family gathered for a family reunion.  Considering it was 103 degrees in Boise it was a perfect weekend to escape the scorching heat and retreat to the mountains.  It was sunny and warm, while the lake was perfectly cool.  We all enjoyed boating, eating, sun bathing, talking, fiesta dinner night, talent show, and a pinata!(great idea Summer and Cindy we all had some fun)  It was a circus with all of the nieces and nephews running around, but it kept everyone entertained.  It was a perfect weekend with all of my parents ten kids in attendance.  We couldn't have asked for better weather or a nicer place to gather (thanks to the Carberry's letting us use their cabin).  What a blast!  We will all remember how much fun we had.  Looking forward to many more family reunions with more children running around.

Ryan and I getting sun burned by the lake

Baby bums :)

Boy bums :)

getting ready to run and dive off of the dock

Chris and Kaisley sporting their mohawks

Amy and Tesla chillin' in the shade

Izabel, Elly and I getting in the cool water

Best friends+cousins=fighting like sisters( these two really do love eachother)

Ryan and I pretending we can play the tiny guitar

Can we hear Mary's baby in there!  We already love this baby girl.

Watching Sam and Elly jump of the rocks.  They loved the audience cheering them on.

Elly striking a perfectly adorable pose after her leap from the rocks

Elly in action!

Ryan is such a kid at heart.  Look at them enjoying their ice cream cones.

Listening to Ryan(Emily's boyfriend) jam on the guitar.  Evan was really focused and loved listening to him sing.