Monday, June 29, 2009

Demolition derby and visiting the Kemps

This past weekend Ryan and I made a short trip to Utah to visit his family, celebrate his dad's birthday, and meet two new little additions to the Kemp family (baby Nathan, and Avery).  Before I get to my first demolition derby experience I must say the drive to Utah was more pleasant this time.  The last picture provides a small glimpse of the green rolling hills and blue sky.  Yes I did say green and as many know that this drive to Utah is usually brown and nothing but brown.  All of the rain has made the drive quite scenic and not so boring.  Enough about that let's get to the important part.  The West Jordan Demolition Derby brought out the "white trash" in me!  By the end of the event I wanted a car to catch on fire and I found myself yelling "flip that car"!  What added to the charm was the nice vests we had to wear so we didn't have to pay to get into the event.  Ya we all were volunteer ushers.  I must say when people had to ask me where their seats were located I looked just as confused as they did.  All in all it was a surprisingly fun event.  We had a great time with the family and enjoyed our weekend in Utah.  

Here is one of the cars that flipped that evening!  I must say we were cheering pretty loud when it happened.

More collisions.....and smoke from the crappy engines

Rick and Ryan

Zack, Austin, Julie, me, and Ryan.  Gotta love the vests! 

the green hills on the way to Utah?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby blessing and a birthday

Sunday was such a great day! Baby Easton was blessed in the morning and we all enjoyed a lovely brunch hosted by the Zickgrafs.  We spent the afternoon and evening at my parents playing ping pong, running through the sprinkler, and Ford using his racket all afternoon.  He is really good at hitting the ball and is very coordinated. It was also my 26th birthday and we ate my favorite cake.....TCBY ice cream cake.  It was so good.  Thanks Ryan for remembering!  There are a lot of pictures because I love taking pictures of my nieces and nephews.  They are so adorable.  Being an Aunt is so much fun. 

Izabel, Elly, and Ford attempting to play ping pong.....Ford is the only one who can hit it.

Ryan getting the kids wet.  They loved having the trampoline all wet while they jumped.

Look at the three amigos enjoying themselves.  It really wasn't very warm, but they didn't seem to mind.

Cousins sporting their new matching swim suits.  Grandma June is the best!

Blowing out birthday candles.  Well what was left....Ford blew them out before I could.  :)

Easton smiling for his Auntie Kristie

Aunt Emily, Uncle Brian, and baby Easton on his blessing day

Baby Easton is such a precious little boy. I was happy to share my birthday with his blessing day.

Ford playing with his racket.  He can through up the ball and hit it.  

Elly tried to hit the ball like Ford.  Maybe in a couple more years, but she sure looks cute in her sunday dress.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bakfiet bike ride and babysitting

Last weekend Amy and Jay asked if we would watch their little girl for a couple of hours. Of course we would! It was the most fun I've had babysitting in a long time. We rode Jay and Amy's bikes all over the greenbelt while baby Tesla slept. Seriously this bike is amazing! We had so much fun going on an afternoon bike ride that we honestly forget that we were babysitting. That is Tesla was so good and didn't wake up until we ended the ride. Jay and Amy arrived ten minutes later and our afternoon bike/babysitting ride was over. So if anyone would like us to babysit please provide a bakfiet bike to rock your little one to sleep :) It was fun to spend some time with Tesla she is so darn cute and we love those chubby cheeks.

Tesla just woke up after a long bike ride.......time for a snack
it looks like the cactus is coming out of her head! ha ha

posing.....Ryan actually rode the bakfiet bike
I rode Amy's cruiser bike

Tesla just waking up! Look at that double chin....too cute. :)
Tesla are you ready for your close up!?