Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reconnecting with good friends

So it is a rare occasion that my girlfriends from high school get together. It was so fun to catch up and chat while the kiddos ran around making a mess of Sara's house (thanks Sara for letting us come over). It is always fun to reconnect with good friends and see how much our lives have changes since high school. Now they are all mommies and a few are pregnant! Kori is due this summer with her third baby. Lexi is due with her second boy this spring, and Sara is due with her second this summer. It is just crazy how fast time will pass, but the friends you make along the way make it all worth it. Hopefully we will be able to get together more often.
Lexi, Sara, me, Kori, and Lacey

Jack, Mckenzie, Trace, Hallie,and Jayden

Next time we get together we will be out numbered. Aren't they adorable!?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Party 2009!

Mary hosted the annual Halloween Party and it was a success! We had so much fun seeing everyone dressed up in their costumes. We started the night out right with chili, clam chowder,bone shaped rolls, rootbeer w/ dry ice, and salads. Oh and tons of candy from the ghost pinata! We ended the night trick-or-treating with the kids and enjoyed watching them earn their treats. I love Halloween and hope you enjoy all of the photos. I had to get all of the costumes documented. Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween.......Summer,Chris, Kaisley, Jenelle, Joe, Evan, Sam, Julie, Russ,Brian, Riley, Mom, and Dad were all missed. Love ya
The 50's couple! Doesn't Ryan look hot! :) love him

Group shot

Look at all of the candy! The kids were picking through it! Seriously they were choosing which ones they liked. It was hilarious

Ford taking a swing at it!

Cindy the witch, taking her nails to Adams face
He went to the BSU game while she made chili and got all three kids ready for Halloween. Let's just say she wasn't too happy about it :)

Family photo. Izabel is Cinderella, Ford the monster/dinosaur, Easton the pea pod

Ryan the ninja and his geisha Emily

Aiden is the cutest little frog

Sisters ( We miss ya Jenelle and Summer)

Pence family photo

Emily the geisha( she has her wig on here) cute little Easton

The monster/dino has arrived to scare the princesses

Disney Princesses

Layla the bunny and Alice

The stoic pumpkin farmers and their little pumpkin Tesla

Last but not least Alice in Wonderland. Elly you are a doll face :)