Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pool Party! oh and #10 graduates!

So yesterday was another beautiful summer day and what goes best with warm weather? ......water of course!  Most of the family gathered for a dinner before Riley (the youngest of ten) graduated!  The graduation wasn't until eight so the grand kids wanted to take a dip in the pool.  We didn't have to convince Ryan or Andy to join them.   They had so much fun! Little Izabel is a fish and loves to swim to anyone and jump off of the diving board.  Elly loves to blow bubbles and ride on her dad's back while he swims.  Ford just loves to be thrown really high and wear the goggles!  After a nice swim we all went and watched Riley get his diploma and sport the yellow valedictorian cords!!!!  We are so proud of him!  Oh and my mom and dad will soon be empty nesters, well good thing they have tons of grandkids to keep them occupied.  I am excited for many more pool parties and warm summer weather.  WAHOO SUMMER IS HERE!

Izabel swimming doing her circle arms (like grandma and Auntie Kristie have taught her to do) 
go little fish :)

Elly and Izabel

Tesla the cutest darn chubby baby girl and her mommy

Elly going for  a ride

Sweet Izabel

Look at her jump!

Ford and Uncle Ryan
Last but not least, Ford sporting his swim goggles!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

California Fun!

About a month ago I won a trip to Disneyland from work.  I filled out a short essay and figured it wouldn't hurt to submit it to my boss.  He sent out the original e-mail explaining the offer.  So this past weekend I flew to Aneheim, California for an all expense trip to enjoy Disneyland and attend the California Dental Convention.  I also made some time to visit my sister Jenelle, her husband Joe and their two little boys, Sam and Evan.  It was a perfect trip and I would have loved it even more if my husband could have joined me.  Maybe next time!  Seriously though Disneyland was tons of fun!  I really did feel like a kid again and I wanted to dance around and wear a Cinderella dress!  All of the little girls were dressed up like princesses with tiaras.  The rides were fun (Splash Mountain, Matterhorn, Soarin', Monsters Inc. (California Adventure).  Kelly (a fellow co-worker) and I enjoyed a busy afternoon and evening at Disneyland and California Adventure on Thursday.  Friday we attended the dental convention, as well as Saturday morning.  I then rented a car a drove about 35 minutes to Dana Point to visit my sister.  We enjoyed spending the afternoon at the beach watching Joe surf while Sam ate fries and a hot dog, and Evan pooped in his diaper.  Jenelle ran out of baby wipes and had to use Sam's napkins to clean his bum!  I laughed pretty hard while she wiped his bum with a dry napkin.  Oh the things moms  have to endure!  Love ya Jenelle!  That night we ate at a yummy Thai food restaurant and had frozen yogurt for dessert.  It was the perfect day.........thanks Joe and Jenelle!  I had to leave the next morning for the LAX airport and come back to good ol' Idaho!  I must say as much as I love to visit the beach I love Idaho and how small it is!  I also love my baby......I always miss him when we haven't scene each other for a few days!  It was a great weekend packed with good memories.

Mickey Mouse!  I had to quickly snap the picture as he rushed by on a bike!

Sam enjoying some fries and a hotdog!  This was a special treat :)

A few of the characters at Disneyland ( I had to get a picture of Cinderella for Elly. She is obsessed with Disneyland and princesses)
Sam riding his bike!  This kid can fly down the hills and he is only three!

Kelly and I after the Disney parade!  It was a dance party :)

Posing at the entrance to Disneyland

Sisters and Evan

Evan is so big now!  The last time I saw him was Christmas!!!!!!

Joe walking down to his surf spot!  Love ya!