Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I finally have internet access!!!

Okay my few followers I finally decided to use Ryan's old work computer and buy a wireless card so I could surf the internet. Also try to keep up on a few blog posts. Nothing new to post here other than Ryan is busy with school and as a result I have way too much free time. Seriously I need to get busy with projects, learning Spanish, or just surfing the internet for way too long. I think learning Spanish might be a better way to spend my extra free time. I say this because I have many Spanish speaking patients that I am unable to communicate with other than a few short phrases consisting of "abre la boca" and "serre la boca" ( I most likely have mis-spelled these so don't correct me just yet). I would like to buy the rosetta stone to learn it, but I don't have an extra 500 dollars just lying around. Hopefully I can take a class or something........we will see how it goes. My next post will hopefully consist of pictures. This old lap top might just let me download some photos to share. For now you will have to enjoy my short boring post :)