Thursday, February 4, 2010

OH BABY!!! A shower for my friend

Last weekend I drove to Utah with my mom to help throw a baby shower. It was not just any baby was my friend, Denae's first baby shower. We have been friends since birth and always wanted to be pregnant together and have our kids grow up together. Well one of us is pregnant and due in March.....nope not me!!!! I AM MORE THAN EXCITED FOR HER!!!! I can't wait to meet this sweet little boy and give him a big kiss. I decorated and had so much fun making it look lovely. I must say the cupcake platter turned out adorable! The remainder of the afternoon/evening was spent shopping with my mom at.......IKEA!!!! Thanks to my sweet mom who drove with me to Utah and helped me enjoy Ikea for five hours! Let's just say my feet were throbbing from walking around the store. I think Ryan wasn't too happy about my time spent shopping and buying too much home decor. Gotta love IKEA. :)

Denae and her sister in law Whitney are both due in March! Aren't their bumps just too cute?!!

Cupcakes YUM!!!!

The house all decorated and ready! I must say they both received some great gifts