Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Maui Please!

So Maui, Hawaii was such a beautiful vacation.  I had to post tons of photos so everyone can see how spectacular it really is.  Honestly though it is better in real life and all who have been there I'm sure agree with me.  Where do I begin with what we did and all of the funny stories.  I'll give a brief overview and if you want more details you'll have to give me a call!  Seriously I have to start with bringing Aiden was surprising really fun!  He did great the whole time.  He slept on the airplane and the beach.  I am sure Heide will blog about him too so I won't say too much, but I loved having him with us.  We all enjoyed snorkeling, playing in the waves, seeing a whale jump, seeing a huge sea turtle, eating, relaxing, tanning, cliff jumping, boogie boarding, card playing ..hmmmmm
I could go on for hours!  Basically I want to go back tomorrow even if I have to fly                                        stand by again and stay at a rinky dink hotel for two extra days!  I would do it all again to have the sand between my toes and the sun tanning my skin.  Let's just say I now want to look for a job there so we could enjoy 
the laid back life that Hawaii has to offer.  Ryan is on board for an adventure living on an island, but I'll keep you posted if any crazy ideas develop.....ha ha.  Enjoy all of the photos they took me forever to post.  Sending love to all and 
I am sad to say my tan is already fading and I just arrived home Wednesday afternoon.
Oh and if you want to know how our extra days went without our husbands Heide and I survived, but we were missing our boys! The stand by situation wasn't my favorite part, but I would honestly do it again so I could see that darn sea turtle and look out at the ocean holding hands with my adorable husband!  We will celebrate our first anniversary as Mr. and Mrs. Kemp on March 1st.  We combined Valentines and our Anniversary and celebrated by taking a trip to Maui!  What can I say I love him dearly and am grateful everyday I am married to him.  

Sunday, February 1, 2009

McCall with the Zickgrafs

Last weekend Ryan and I decided to try to escape the inversion and drive to McCall to visit Cindy, Adam, Izabel, and Ford. We arrived Friday night and both kids were asleep. Ford woke up at about ten that night and decided to hang out with us for a couple of hours. The next morning we surprised Izabel as she nearly fell off the table in amazement. She had no idea we were there and she also has a crush on Ryan ( she thinks he is pretty cute)!!! After breakfast we headed out for some afternoon sledding. Seriously I am going to post the video so all can see how extreme it was. I wasn't able to capture Ryan's first run because I was laughing so hard! He flew like four feet off of his sled. It was hilarious so I made him try it again! While we tried to convince a new group of extreme sledders to try the same hill they popped the sled running over a tree! Thankfully no one was hurt, at least severely! After a few hours of sledding Cindy decided the kids better take a nap. We ate lunch and then after nap time (for everyone besides Izabel and me) got on our swim suits and drove to Zim's hot springs! Izabel and Ford had so much fun swimming in the warm water while it was snowing! It was a whole new experience for them, they loved it! After a few hours of swimming we ate at Chapalas against Izabel's request of a hamburger and fries! We finished the evening watching the Miss America Pageant . Well, Ryan and Adam kept switching from ESPN to the beauty pageant! Cindy and I love it because it reminds us of when we were little pretending we were in the Miss America Pageant! Both Izabel and Ford fell asleep quickly and we weren't far behind them. We had to watch the crowning of the new Miss America! We ended the fun weekend attending church Sunday morning. Ford ended the meeting with a loud "ALL DONE"!!!!!! It was hilarious! People around us were smiling and laughing. Thanks again to Adam and Cindy for letting us crash on your extra bed! We had such a fun weekend.