Friday, August 28, 2009

Beach Bums part 2

So I finally developed my disposable water proof camera.  The photos didn't turn out the best, but I guess it is better than nothing.  I always look forward to the annual beach house trip and I can't believe it has already come and gone.  Ryan loves this relaxing week, but seriously he is always going.  He is constantly in the water body surfing and when he finally emerges he dives right into a book.  We are ready to pack up and fly back to Newport to enjoy some free time with the Gabrielsens.  Here are a few more pictures of our California Beach trip.

Kylee making a lovely face :)
Ryan reading........he is addicted to it and seriously once he starts he has to finish the book before he puts it down.  I try to teach him to savor books, but he never takes my advice.

Hanging out on the rocks

Visiting Sam in Dana Point, CA

Ryan and Jake searching for crabs and gettings splashed by the waves

Denae and Jake

BFF's me and Denae

California sunsets every night....I miss those

Jenelle and baby Evan........
Oh and I almost forgot.  Jenelle and Joe taught me how to paddle board.  Jenelle and I paddled out and went along the coast.  We had such a fun time and it was nice to do something new.  If you get the chance to do it you'll love it.  

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beach Bums part 1

Ryan and I have been gone for a week enjoying some California sunshine.  We had such a great time hanging out with the Gabrielsen clan and relaxing on the beach.  Newport was such a blast and I want to go back tomorrow.  I must say it has been difficult adjusting to working instead of playing 24/7.  I have a few pictures of our trip, but about half way through my camera decided to get all blurry so I had to buy a disposable camera.  I haven't gotten those pictures developed yet so I will have to post those photos later.

Best Friends posing on the beach (I've been lucky enough to get to vacation with her on the beach since I was 13 or 14 yrs. old)  It has become a tradition.

Kylee relaxing in the sand

Lori Anne and baby Gabby

Moke he is seriously adorable

Jenelle, Joe, Sam, and baby Evan came to play one afternoon.  They are so lucky to live right by the ocean.  So jealous!

Ryan and I eating dinner at our favorite restaurant Rockin' Baja Lobster
love the seafood bucket! YUM :)

Sam and Moke being silly and enjoying every minute of it.

Denae and Jake at Rockin' Baja Lobster

Playing in the ocean......goodbye until next summer :(

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pizza party!

Yesterday Jay invited the family over for a pizza party.  He built a brick oven in the backyard and was ready for a pizza party.  The pizza was amazing with homemade pizza dough and fresh garden ingredients to load on top.  We all walked away stuffed from all of the yummy food!  We also enjoyed some hula hooping and cutting Chris's hair into a emo fo hawk.  Ryan also took the kids for a bike ride in Jay's sweet bike.  It was a great party!

Mom giving it a whirl
(the grandkids loved it)

pregnant Mary going for it! (she is due in two weeks)

sweet little faces:)

Summer rocking the hula hoop

Chris's new hairdo!
total fo hawk

Chris getting his hair chopped! Mary did a great job styling his mohawk

Baby Easton is such a doll.  I just want to squeeze him every chance I get

The three amigos.  Going on a bike ride