Monday, March 23, 2009

This cute boy is 29!!!!!! today :)

So my adorable husband turned 29 today!  We enjoyed lunch together and then had a few people over for dinner and cake.  I made his favorite cake with rainbow chip frosting.  I made it in the sheet pan so there is more frosting then cake......he really likes it that way....:)  For his birthday we are headed to Arizona for the NCAA basketball games, which he is more than excited for!  I must add Ryan wanted me to get more excited about the games so he had me fill out a bracket.  I just guess which team will win and this year I am beating him!  I don't think he is too happy about it, but it is getting me more excited to watch basketball  all weekend because I am so darn competitive.  So we are traveling again to some warm weather and basketball.........what more could Ryan want for his birthday?!  Let's see a BACK SCRATCHER!  I bought him a dollar backscratcher and he grinned from ear to ear.  I think he likes it :)  I also wanted to post the top 10 reasons why he is so wonderful.  
10- he is my other half and takes great care of me
9-he has the most adorable eyes and smile( just thinking about his cute face makes me happy)
8- he stays up late with me even when he has to wake up early!
7- he cooks.....need I say more :)
6- he actually enjoys running with me!
5-he loves to travel and visit new places.
4-he is a hard worker and is always willing to serve
3-he is spiritually strong and lifts me up
2-he pampers me and is always helping me out with whatever projects I come up with
1-he loves me with his whole heart!

Babe I love you so much and I look forward to all of the many birthdays we will celebrate together.
Now the best part is what a cute boy Ryan is ........
here he is as a youngster.  Look at that bleach blond hair and baby blues.
Love ya and Happy Birthday!
29 years young!

Ryan blowing out his birthday candles!

a few more photos of Ryan through the years......

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just a quick thought!

So I don't have any pictures to post of this past weekend trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  For some reason I didn't find the energy to take any photos.  The volleyball games took a lot out of me and I mean a lot!!!!  I ended up tearing my ACL!!!!  After the initial shock of it all I am beginning to see that although life is difficult it will get better!  I am supposed to have surgery in a few weeks and I am ready to work hard to get my left knee strong again.  I more or less wanted to post this unfortunate news to say that I am so grateful for the man I married!  He has been so calm and even when I was rolling on the court yelling a few choice words he was right by my side comforting me.  It is amazing to think that I am so lucky to be blessed with such a perfect man for me!  I am also blessed that I have wonderful friends and family who have been there and will continue to be there for support.  I'm not sure why certain events happen, but I do know I will look back and know that it taught me ......something......right?  ......maybe day I'll know why?  In the mean time I am struggling with the fact that I can't go 100 percent seven days a week!  I guess I need to slow down!  Maybe that is why it all happened......who knows?  I'll keep you all updated!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

One fabulous year and a few more Maui pictures!

So officially Ryan and I are celebrating a full year together!  It has gone by so quickly and we have had so much fun.  I am excited to spend many more years with him.  I had to post the picture below because he looks so darn adorable and I just want to pinch his cheeks!  I love him SO MUCH and I look forward to the many more adventures we will share together.  Oh and I had to post a few more pictures of the beach.  We miss it and Idaho is so cold right now.....I am freezing and turning pale white again.  Good thing Ryan loves me so much he actually is allowing me to turn up the heat!!!! ha ha
The picture below is Aiden smiling after spitting up on his Uncle Ryan.  He thought it was pretty darn funny!

the kemp boys checking out one of the beaches......they looked identical walking out to the ocean so, again I had to take a picture.

Ryan looking for sea turtles.......he didn't find any at this spot!

Sunday church with an ocean view.  Nice location!  Tempting though I wanted to run across the street and into the ocean :)

One last view of beautiful Maui, Hawaii