Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sad to say it!!!

So I know I haven't posted anything for a long time! Well the terrible news is our computer died!!! Yes our two year old iMac is worthless. There was a storm about two weeks ago that made the lights flicker and the power go out for five hours. Our computer was plugged into what I thought was a surge protector. As a result I took our computer into the Mac life store to run some diagnostic tests as to why it wouldn't turn on. A few days later they call and give me the bad news.........a bad main logic board, which will cost at least 600 dollars to fix and that doesn't even guarantee it will fix it!!!! The only good news is they were able to save my thousands of pictures I had downloaded on it! Now those are priceless!!!! I guess things could be worse and at least we are healthy with no major tragedies. To end on a good note my knee is healing properly this time and in about a month I'll hopefully be cleared to play sports again. So my posts from now on won't have a lot of photos to share until I get them downloaded on an external hard drive. I really was looking forward to sharing pictures from the Blackhurst Family reunion and California. Hope you all are well!