Monday, January 18, 2010

Freezing Florida? and Bahamas!

Where do I begin!!! Okay so I had a second knee surgery Dec. 30th. Everything went well! Thankfully :)I started my road to recovery five days later hoping to just lay out on the beach and soak up some sun. Let's just say it wasn't quite warm enough to even put on a bathing suit or even think about taking off my hoodie. Florida was experiencing an unusual cold front. The coldest weather they've had since 1989! Freezing temperatures at night, which is no big deal if you live in Idaho, but all the locals were bundled up like it was below zero! So after the first few days of sunny, but windy cold weather we were hoping to escape the cold front in Florida by heading further south. Bahamas here we come.......time to relax on a cruise and eat way too much! So we managed to eat a ton, but again our two stops one of which was canceled due to rain and rough water! Seriously is this a joke....nope it is not :) We managed to stop in Nassau, Bahamas and enjoy walking around the Atlantis resort. The beaches were beautiful and the sand was soft and white. Seriously all I wanted to do was lay out. Again it was too cold! I guess it was a blessing because I had no desire to get in the water. That was the only thing my doctor did not want me to do. Ryan wasn't going to let the cool weather turn him away from enjoying the ocean. The water felt like bath water compared to the air temperature. After our three night cruise we stayed one more day and night in South Beach, Miami. This was the one and only day I got in my bathing suit and laid poolside for five hours!!!!! Finally! One day of nice, sunny, warm weather. To end the trip we made all of our flights and the last leg of our journey ended with a two year old barfing in the row in front of us! Yikes! I have a new appreciation for mothers who travel with children :) Oh and guess what the temperature was the weekend after we were gone 85 degrees!!!!!!! What do you do?!!!! Ryan and I had fun together though. We love to travel and always enjoy spending all day and night together. Someday we will make another trip to Florida and it will be warm and beautiful!!! Oh and the knee is feeling great and I am thinking positive. This ACL replacement just has to work and it will :)

Ryan body surfing in the warm water. He didn't want to get out because the air temperature was freezing!

Atlantis resort in Nassau, Bahamas

The mannequins were all enhanced!!!! Check out those triple D's

Ryan posing outside our cruise ship

Formal night on the ship

Everglades boat ride and alligators

Everglades air boat ride! Beautiful but sooooo cold! Ryan was wearing shorts and had goose bumps

White sandy beaches! So lovely :)

South Beach, Miami