Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I finally have internet access!!!

Okay my few followers I finally decided to use Ryan's old work computer and buy a wireless card so I could surf the internet. Also try to keep up on a few blog posts. Nothing new to post here other than Ryan is busy with school and as a result I have way too much free time. Seriously I need to get busy with projects, learning Spanish, or just surfing the internet for way too long. I think learning Spanish might be a better way to spend my extra free time. I say this because I have many Spanish speaking patients that I am unable to communicate with other than a few short phrases consisting of "abre la boca" and "serre la boca" ( I most likely have mis-spelled these so don't correct me just yet). I would like to buy the rosetta stone to learn it, but I don't have an extra 500 dollars just lying around. Hopefully I can take a class or something........we will see how it goes. My next post will hopefully consist of pictures. This old lap top might just let me download some photos to share. For now you will have to enjoy my short boring post :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sad to say it!!!

So I know I haven't posted anything for a long time! Well the terrible news is our computer died!!! Yes our two year old iMac is worthless. There was a storm about two weeks ago that made the lights flicker and the power go out for five hours. Our computer was plugged into what I thought was a surge protector. As a result I took our computer into the Mac life store to run some diagnostic tests as to why it wouldn't turn on. A few days later they call and give me the bad news.........a bad main logic board, which will cost at least 600 dollars to fix and that doesn't even guarantee it will fix it!!!! The only good news is they were able to save my thousands of pictures I had downloaded on it! Now those are priceless!!!! I guess things could be worse and at least we are healthy with no major tragedies. To end on a good note my knee is healing properly this time and in about a month I'll hopefully be cleared to play sports again. So my posts from now on won't have a lot of photos to share until I get them downloaded on an external hard drive. I really was looking forward to sharing pictures from the Blackhurst Family reunion and California. Hope you all are well!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where to Begin!?

Okay people I have been slacking on my blog posts. First, because it is the summer and I would rather be outside. Second, most of the people who read my blog are in town visiting. Third, I get overwhelmed when it has been a long time between posts! ( ya I know it is ridiculous, but hey I don't have much to worry about)
So about two months ago the dental office I work for gave us free tickets to see Carrie Underwood. I immediately knew Ryan wouldn't enjoy the concert as much as my sister Cindy so I invited her. At the last minute I snagged another free ticket from a co-worker and invited my sister Mary. Let's just say we had a blast! Carrie put on a great concert with her rockin' vocals! Oh and yes she did sing in a truck suspended above the crowd!

Sisters :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My old Kentucky home!

Heide and I drove about two hours south to visit Louisville, KY. I attended school here four years ago!!! Seriously time goes by so fast! We had such a fantastic time talking with Lexi and Shanah while the kids played. Aiden and Jayden were like long lost friends running around. It was so fun to finally meet baby Owen and baby Lakai. Baby Owen is more darling then the pictures reveal. Lakai's eyelashes are really an inch long. All these cute boys are going to be heart breakers some day! We enjoyed a lovely lunch (thanks lexi and shanah it was so yummy),the one and only grater's ice cream, and then an evening in the park (Cherokee park). I've forgotten how much I enjoyed strolling in Cherokee park. It is simply gorgeous with all of the trees and green rolling hills. I couldn't have asked for a better day trip talking with girlfriends and holding sweet babies.

Jayden giving Aiden a squeeze

Jayden playing with the hose in the backyard
(he looks like he is peeing :)

Cute boys

Swinging in Cherokee park

Yum ....Grater's ice cream

Shanah and Lakai

Lexi, me, and baby Owen

Jayden really is enjoying spraying Aiden in the face

Look at that Buddha belly

Could Owen be any more adorable! I loved holding him :)

Heide, me, Aiden, Jayden, and baby Owen

A trip to Indiana

Last weekend I flew to Indiana for a weekend visiting darling Aiden and Weston! The weather was perfect! Considering it snowed in Boise and we enjoyed 85-90 degree weather laying out by the pool! It was so nice to relax and talk with Heide and watch the kiddos. Both boys love the water, at one point Aiden was jumping from the side and laughing sounding like a little dolphin. Seriously hilarious!!!! Weston was so adorable trying to blow bubbles and wanting us to just let him go and swim. Not to mention Heide and I nearly peed ourselves watching a lady struggle with her swimsuit malfunction. Let's just say she slightly flashed everyone at the pool when her daughter pulled her tube top down. Heide and I laughed and will continue laughing when we think of that day! Thanks so much To Heide, Trent, Aiden, Heidi, Scott, and Weston..... I enjoyed my long weekend in good ol' Carmel, Indiana!
............More to come about our day trip to Louisville, Kentucky to visit Lexi and Shannah! You won't want to miss the pictures of all the darling babies :)

Aiden is ready for swimming....he looks like the next Michael Phelps

Heidi and Weston ready to take a dip

Weston sporting a spiked hairdo and swim trunks. Adorable :)

Heide and Aiden

Monday, May 3, 2010

30 isn't that bad! Check him out!

So my adorable husband turned the BIG 3....0 people! I asked him if he wanted a big party......his response nope I just want my favorite cake! So he got the rainbow chip cake! We also went out to dinner at a steak house where he celebrated with none other than a nice hunk of beef! Nothing says 30 like a sheet cake and beef! He was excited though! I also got him a few other items like a flat magnetic wallet ( thanks to his brother Scott), some running clothes, and school supplies! Ryan will be starting school at NNU in a few weeks to get his MBA! He has been 30 for over a month now and I think it looks pretty good on him! Love ya!

Cindy's 29th birthday was a few days before Ryan's....we had two cakes to celebrate

Izabel and Ford absolutely adore Ryan ( I can't blame them....he is pretty cool)

Happy 30th Birthday! Love you so much! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Isaac

On March 9th baby Isaac entered this world! He is precious, sweet and if he doesn't make you baby hungry I don't know what will! A week after his joyful arrival I was able to fly to Utah and spend four perfect days pampering my best friend. It is amazing to watch a dear friend transform into an incredible mother. It was so fun to watch her interact with Isaac. I would often watch Denae as she would hold baby Isaac. It was easy to see how much she already cared for and loved him! I loved the feeling of joy, peace, and love while I visited for those few days. There is something that can't be expressed, but felt when you are in the presence of a new little spirit. Isaac is one lucky boy to have such wonderful parents to raise him. I am so happy I had the opprotunity to feel of his sweetness and help out my dearest friend. I still can't believe we are old enough to have kids. Time goes by way too fast.....:)

Baby Isaac all wrapped up on his first outing out to get the mail.

Daddy Jake and his baby boy

Bath time

So sweet and so little. He didn't even scream! He loves bathes just like his momma :)