Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Isaac

On March 9th baby Isaac entered this world! He is precious, sweet and if he doesn't make you baby hungry I don't know what will! A week after his joyful arrival I was able to fly to Utah and spend four perfect days pampering my best friend. It is amazing to watch a dear friend transform into an incredible mother. It was so fun to watch her interact with Isaac. I would often watch Denae as she would hold baby Isaac. It was easy to see how much she already cared for and loved him! I loved the feeling of joy, peace, and love while I visited for those few days. There is something that can't be expressed, but felt when you are in the presence of a new little spirit. Isaac is one lucky boy to have such wonderful parents to raise him. I am so happy I had the opprotunity to feel of his sweetness and help out my dearest friend. I still can't believe we are old enough to have kids. Time goes by way too fast.....:)

Baby Isaac all wrapped up on his first outing out to get the mail.

Daddy Jake and his baby boy

Bath time

So sweet and so little. He didn't even scream! He loves bathes just like his momma :)


Cindy Zickgraf said...

You look beautiful in the first photo. You must have braided Denae's hair, you are so good at that! Little Issac has the Gabrielson look, cutie. Excited for Carrie! Adam said he would watch the kids.

cindy. said...

oh so sweet! i loved this post, kristie. i got all teary eyed reading your thoughts on brand new spirits. it is such a blessing to experience that.

danae looks great and that baby is so precious. and i agree with cindy . . . you look beautiful. and so natural with a baby in your arms ;)

Karen said...

I think it's great that you got to spend time with your friend and new baby. Funny how new babies can make you baby hungry.

J & J said...

You sound a little baby crazy! I agree with Cin you look gorgeous and oh so young, fresh, and rested....don't worry that starts to change with a couple of those special little bundles. You though will look even better as a mama. Love and miss your sweetness...j

Russ and Julie said...

We hope you're next!! Denae is so lucky to have a friend like you to support her during her first couple days as a new mama. Hope you guys are doing well. Miss you!