Monday, May 3, 2010

30 isn't that bad! Check him out!

So my adorable husband turned the BIG 3....0 people! I asked him if he wanted a big party......his response nope I just want my favorite cake! So he got the rainbow chip cake! We also went out to dinner at a steak house where he celebrated with none other than a nice hunk of beef! Nothing says 30 like a sheet cake and beef! He was excited though! I also got him a few other items like a flat magnetic wallet ( thanks to his brother Scott), some running clothes, and school supplies! Ryan will be starting school at NNU in a few weeks to get his MBA! He has been 30 for over a month now and I think it looks pretty good on him! Love ya!

Cindy's 29th birthday was a few days before Ryan's....we had two cakes to celebrate

Izabel and Ford absolutely adore Ryan ( I can't blame them....he is pretty cool)

Happy 30th Birthday! Love you so much! :)


J & J said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! Welcome to your 30's, I think that you'll like "the family years". Congrats on going back to school as well.

Heidi Bitsch said...

Happy Birthday to Ryan!!! Glad you guys had some fun for his birthday.

Rich and Liz Harris said...


Erin said...

Sounds like fun! Robert's favorite cake is the rainbow chip, too.

Jake and Denae said...

Still lookin good dude! Nothing like kristie to make a birthday the best... She's had lots and lots of practice spoiling me!! You know what they say! Thirty, flirty and thriving!!